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West Bank Industrial Workers Club

Project Location: Bridge City, LA
link to Atelier Andrews Gulfgate Housing pdf
Gulfgate Housing
Project Location: Houston, TX
links to Atelier Andrews Esplanade Housing
Esplanade Housing
Project Location: New Orleans, LA
links to Atelier Andrews Edgewater Housing pdf
Edgewater Housing
Project Location: Biloxi, MS
link to Atelier Andrews Pensacola Houses
Pensacola Houses
Dog-Trot and Shotgun Revisited
Project Location: Pensacola, FL
In collaboration with: Jude Leblanc
links to Atelier Andrews Ellis House
Ellis House
Project Location: Wndermere Island, Bahamas
links to Atelier Andrews Kern Attic
Kern Attic
Project Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA
Link to LA Liner pdf
L.A. Liner-Flexible Image
Project Location: LA Forum Space, Los Angeles
In collaboration with: Gail Peter Borden
link to Atelier Andrews 99k House
99K House
House 99, Lot 3, Block 2, Houston, TX
In collaboration with: Gail Peter Borden
Links to Atelier Andrews Head-shot studio
Head-Shot Studio
Project Location: Sunset Boulevard,Los Angeles, CA
link to Atelier Andrews Compendium
A collection of sketches by Brian Andrews